Even if startup's entrepreneurship enthusiasm and technology are good, the amount of angel investors and investors who support the initial funding in the early stage when they need the most funds is relatively small, making it difficult to attract investment. In addition, the proportion of entrepreneurs who receive venture capital investment is very small, and crowdfunding for initial funding is also in its infancy. No matter how you want to enter the global market, it will take at least 3 ~ 5 years to overcome the Death Valley and break-even point.


ALClub 프로그램

( Angels and Accelerators Leading Club Program):

Starting from the initial incubator to the global market, we will launch a startup that aims to advance into the US, and at the same time, set up a prospective startup through the support of a professional accelerator (Angel Investment Care Specialist) It is a business to foster startup that focuses on total package support by linking angel investment with marketing after development, aiming to advance into global market, and raising technological start-up success rate.